Polyamide additives

Additives have functional effects for plastics, coatings, printing inks and other specialized applications. We have expanded our product portfolio with some products from the field of technical additives. Sustainability and recycling are the driving forces here, because despite unchanged performance, it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint.

Polyamide additives for more sustainability

Licocare RBW Vita

The new Licocare RBW (Rice Bran Wax) product range from Clariant shows that internal and external lubricants and dispersants can also be based on sustainable products. Licocare RBW is a rice bran wax that is a by-product of the rice oil production. From a chemical point of view, the RBW consists of fatty acid esters of higher fatty alcohols and has properties like montan waxes. Due to the low release power of lubricants and the higher color strength of dispersants, polyamide shows a better performance. Further interesting properties and advantages of the product series are not only the improved flow behavior and the easy demolding, but especially the improved shape flexibility and the lower reject rates. In addition, the highly effective and sustainable product can contribute to achieve sustainability goals.

Exolit OP 1230 Terra

The Exolit OP Terra products from Clariant is flame retardants based on organic phosphonates, which intercept the hydrogen and hydroxyl radicals in the flame zone through combustion. This process enables the flame-retardant effect of the product to be achieved and tailor-made fire protection for thermoplastics in areas where there is a risk of ignition. Halogen-free flame retardants in polyamides are often problematic, which is why Exolit OP products are particularly notable in this area because of their unique selling point and ease of incorporation into the polymer. Furthermore, the Exolit OP Terra product range is based on hydrocarbons that are obtained from renewable bio-based raw materials such as rubbish and used oil. This enables a reduction in the consumption of fossil resources and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The Exolit OP Terra products have been awarded a Mass Balance certification and are proven to have the same properties as their fossil-based equivalents. Accordingly, no new tests and certifications are required on your part, and no changes to production processes or systems are required.


These polyolefinic polymers with a functionalized elastomeric component are used to enhance a variety of engineered thermoplastics as well as other technical polymers. These resins can alter the characteristics a plastic such as impact at low temperature, improved homogeneity and surface aspects. Key applications of Exxelor are as compatibilizer, impact modification, coupling agent and adhesion promotors. Due to their compatibility of POs and more polar polymers, they also represent a very interesting alternative for enhancing recycled polymers, such as in PP, PE and PA.


Sureflo types are mainly used as flow and process improvers for general POs as well as in polyamide, glass and mineral filled nylon. They are a proprietary blend specifically designed to improve processing of thermoplastics resins.  By applying them in an existing process, they can reduce viscosity, lower process temperature and pressure and can increase cycle times. In addition, the so-called “tiger stripes” can be reduced. The same benefits are also an important factor when looking toward the recycled sector, which is a core application of Sureflo.

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